Philosophy and Policy

SMM Group Corporate Philosophy

We Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (SMM) group companies have formulated the following group management philosophy, based on the Sumitomo Business Spirit.

SMM Group Management Vision

We Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (SMM) group companies formulated the following management vision and outlined the direction that the group should take.

SMM Group Code of Conduct

All officers (including executive officers) and staff (including fixed-term and temporary employees) shall, in accordance with the corporate philosophy of the SMM Group, comply with the following Code of Conduct. Officers in particular shall, in reflection of their position and responsibilities, exercise strict self-discipline, set an example in carrying out the Code of Conduct, and educate employees to honor and strictly obey the Code of Conduct in full.

1.Compliance: Abidance by Laws and Rules

2.Respect for Individuals

3.Assurance of Health and Safety

4.Development of Human Resources

5.Risk Management

6.Adherence to a Progressive Stance

7.Respect for Teamwork, Promotion of Good Communication

8.In Harmony with Society and Local Communities

9.Separation of Corporate Business and Personal Affairs

10.Collection, Management and Usage of Information

11.Handling of Intellectual Property

12.Assurance of Quality

13.Stance toward Performance of Sales and Purchasing

14.Stance toward Entertainment and Gifts

15.Severance of Relationships with Socially Disruptive Forces

16.Concern for the Global Environment

17.Attitude in the Performance of Global Business Activities

Enviromental policy

Sumiko Tec Co., Ltd. engaged in manufacture, design, development and services for Terminals and Connectors widely used in Electrical components for automobiles, household electric products, and PC peripherals, etc.
We have established this environmental policy in order to work voluntarily and continuously on environmental conservation activities with the aim of becoming a company that minimizes the burden on the global environment.

  1. In our business activities, we will promote activities with the following priority issues.
    1)Promote energy-saving activities for electricity use.
    2)We will strive to reduce waste, sort and collect waste, and expand resource recycling.
    3)We will strive to maintain and control the quality of wastewater from manufacturing processes.
  2. We will work to prevent environmental pollution and environmental protection through the implementation and operation of an environmental management system. We will also continue to improve our environmental management system through management reviews.
  3. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, customer requirements, and other requirements to which we have agreed.
  4. At the beginning of each year, we announce the "President's New Year's Message" which serves as a reference for setting environmental objectives and targets. Followed by this announcement, "Guidelines for Setting Environmental Objectives and Targets for the Fiscal Year," will also announced.
  5. This environmental policy will be made known to workers (employees, part-timers, temporary workers, and contractors) and will also opened to the public.

June 27, 2022
President & Representative Director
Yoshiyuki Ebihara

Quality Policy

  1. In order to continuously satisfy customers in quality, our entire employee will attend together and will contribute to society through our business by promoting continuous innovation in technology.
  2. We will follow the compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and recognizing that it is extremely important for a company to make action to satisfy the requirements of customers.
    We will also engaged in control system of chemical substance contained in our product.
  3. We will strive to develop and enlighten our human resources and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system through management reviews.
  4. At the beginning of each year, we will announce the "President's New Year's Message" which will be a reference for each department to set quality objectives and targets. Followed by this announcement, each department will announce "Guidelines for Setting Quality Objectives and Targets" .
    In addition, the quality policy and quality objectives will be reviewed in the management review.

June 27, 2022
President & Representative Director
Yoshiyuki Ebihara

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